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Thoughts on Wearable Wealth


This week we are looking at wearable wealth. There are so many reasons to consider this asset including but not limited to keeping track of your wealth, creating additional value within your assets and having a readily available item that can be bought, sold or traded in larger or smaller gram amounts. 

We offer so many options for both larger and smaller wearable wealth items. If you haven’t taken a look at these assets in our shop yet — check them out here!

So how does it work? So glad you asked.

Let’s use this item as an example: 10 Dollar Gold Eagle 14k Solid Gold Money Clip.






This gold money clip stores your cash (or cards) to provide easy access to your payments. But its value goes far beyond. The clip and the coin have separate values and can be divided if ever needed. The clip itself is a whopping 16.0-gram 14K solid gold and the coin is 8.48 grams of 22K gold to make up its 1/4 Troy oz. of fine gold. 

So now you have a piece of wealth with you and accessible that holds multiple levels of value both in regards to resale and melt. An asset that’s multifaceted and continues to gain value on multiple fronts — Genius, right? We thought so too!

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