What Does Numismatic Mean?

  What Does Numismatic Mean? (1)


Ok this is something we get asked A LOT!


By definition numismatic means relating to or consisting of coins, paper currency, and medals.


When we talk about coins, it is important to know the difference between price and value. The value of a Numismatic coin is the collectability of the particular coin, and this will come from a number of factors.


  1. Value of the precious metal it is made from (silver, gold, platinum etc.)
  2. The scarcity of the coin (how many of these coins were minted?)
  3. The condition of the coin (is it uncirculated, graded etc.)
  4. The supply and demand of the coin (even coins with high issue rates can be scarce and therefore increase the demand)


So, what is the difference between a bullion coin and a numismatic coin?


Bullion coins are valued ONLY for their precious metals content and their weight, meaning the condition of these coins are not going to really affect the value of the bullion. Numismatic, on the other hand, will derive its value from factors such as rarity, historic context and importance, condition and current demand.


When buying precious metals, we believe it is a good idea to have a collection of both bullion and numismatic coins for your collection but this is completely up to you and that’s what makes the precious metals industry so amazing!

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