MySacred Account Q&A with Matt and Jerry Fetta

  MySacred Account Q&A with Matt and Jerry Fetta (1)

Thoughts on MySacred Account Webinar

Wow! What an incredible presentation yesterday with Matt and Jerry. Thank you to all who attended and got in on the Q & A afterwards. It was great to have you. We are so excited to offer this tool to our customers! MySacred Account can take anyone who uses it to the next level toward financial goals both now and well into the future. We are ready to help get you started. If you missed the webinar, click below to watch:

Its clear MySacred account reaches right to the base of what MintBuilder is designed for — fostering financial wellness and independence — and we’re proud to offer this to You! With this tool, you can do things like invest in your own business, grow your savings, eliminate consumer debt, fund larger purchases with much lower interest than typical, and much more — all while experiencing no loss on your gains! These accounts have been used for decades by the rich and ultra rich and can even be multiplied! Just some examples of this include the Rockefeller family, President Biden, Grant Cardone (who openly credits sacred accounts on his own platforms), celebrities, and many more.


With MintBuilder MySacred Account you will have access to the same wealth building tool that has helped create generations of financial growth to the most elite…and we are here to help get you started! Do you have questions? We hope so — and we’re ready to help. Email us at [email protected] to get started, or click to button below.


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