Fun Facts About Gold Part 1

  Fun Facts About Gold Part 1 (1)



Did you know?


1 troy ounce of gold can be hammered to cover 96.9 square feet!!


MintBuilder gets the question all the time…


How come 1 gram of gold can be so small and in assay so much larger… this must be a bigger piece of gold.




Gold is the most malleable of all precious metals meaning it can be flattened out to be very thin without breaking! The gold you receive should always have printed on it the weight and purity no matter how small or large the amount. For gold bullion the value will be based on the weight and purity alone.


Did you know?


The largest nugget in existence is the “Hand of Faith” Discovered with a metal detector in Australia in 1980, you can view it at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas.


In the September, 1980, Kevin Hillier took his new metal detector out for a spin in his tiny hometown of Wedderburn, Australia. Instead of a bottle cap or a paper clip, he found a 61-pound golden nugget barely a foot underground!


Did you know?


Most western economies' currencies were on the 'gold standard’ until 1971.


The gold standard is a monetary system in which the representative currency is based on a fixed amount of gold held by the central government. The U.S. abandoned the gold standard in 1971 to curb inflation and prevent foreign nations from overburdening the system by redeeming their dollars for gold.


Did you know?


Fort Knox contains around 50% of the United States’ gold reserves and about 2% of the world’s gold supply.


With 30,000 soldiers, a surrounding minefield, Predator drones doing routine surveillance, and 20-ton vault doors (which no single person has a combination to), Fort Knox has never been robbed. In fact, no one has even attempted to.


Historically, gold can help mitigate the volatility of global financial uncertainty – which can make it a good way to diversify your portfolio and owning gold can act as a short-term hedge against inflation because its price tends to rise as the cost-of-living increases.


*As with any investment consideration, always be sure to complete your own research or contact a financial advisor if you are not sure about investing in gold.

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