Why Is It So Important To Invest Now?

  Why Is It So Important To Invest Now? (1)


Why is investing in gold sooner than later so important?


It’s estimated that 80% of the Earth’s 244,000 mineable tons of gold has already been extracted.


Why is this a big deal? . . .


Because now between the four countries where the majority of gold comes from — China, Australia, South America and Russia — mineable gold is running very low.


Ok. Doesn’t the US produce gold too? . . .


Yes, however, production is dwindling. In 2019 the United States produced only 200 tonnes (6.4 million troy ounces) of gold (down from 210 tonnes in 2018) from 12 states, worth about US$8.9 billion, and 6.1% of world production and the numbers are decreasing every year. Last year in the US, 2021, the US saw a total production of only 180 metric tons.


While there are an additional 20 million more tons of gold estimated in the ocean floors around the world, the costs for mining it are largely prohibitive, making extraction of those underwater reserves unattainable for the time being.


This means that gold, as it is available now, will only continue to increase in value as availability decreases. Securing these assets now, especially with MintBuilder where you’re getting the most competitive pricing in the industry, is crucial to truly building lasting wealth.

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