Why Am I Paying More Than Spot Price?

  Why Am I Paying More Than Spot Price? (1)


When ordering precious metals many people will look up the spot price and immediately wonder why they are not paying this??


In purchasing precious metals you will always be paying the spot price PLUS a premium…


So let’s define both of these first:


Spot Price : refers to the current market price on commodities like gold and silver and can fluctuate on a daily, hourly or even minute-by-minute basis. When you look at the spot price, what you are seeing is the rate in which precious metals are being traded based on their weight and metal content.


Premium : the price a customer pays over the spot value of a coin or bar.


Whether a precious metals dealer is selling you coins, proofs or bullion bars, you can expect to pay a premium over spot price. This premium typically covers the cost of overhead such as fabrication, distribution and storage. However, premiums can also rise significantly based on a coin’s rarity. It’s not uncommon to see higher premiums on numismatic or highly collectable coins. So, two coins with the exact same metal content could have vastly different costs if one of those coins is highly collectable.


It is important to remember that spot price reflects the value of the raw unrefined metal. The process of minting, refining and authenticating physical coins and bars clearly adds an expense above the spot price, so the premiums will fluctuate based on the current cost of these processes.


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