Gold Pool Investing

  Gold Pool Investing (1)


Have you heard of pool precious metals products and want to know more? Great, this email is for you! Read on to learn the basics and a little more. . . .

 Pool allocated bullion products offer an ultra-low-cost method to invest in precious metals. Instead of taking physical possession of the asset, it is stored and held in a vault. With unallocated storage, a dealer holds metal that is owned by its customers, but without identifying any particular piece of metal belonging to any particular customer.

You can now purchase gold as small as 1/100th of an ounce up to as many ounces as you wish at the lowest premiums available, have it stored for free, pay no shipping fees and sell it with a simple click of a button! 

Benefits Of Owning Gold Pool:

▪ Traded electronically via MintBuilder Support. Pool Metals are bought just like any other product in the MintBuilder Shop.

▪ Low premiums and narrow spreads allow for lower cost acquisition and the possibility of quicker profits.

▪ Ability to trade in increments as small as 1/100th of an ounce of gold or 1 ounce of silver.

▪ Increased liquidity by nature of the fact that metals are stored in a leading depository owned by a market maker. Funds are received within 72 hours of liquidation. There are No shipping costs.

▪ Metals are stored in segregated accounts via MintBuilder’s wholesale account.

▪ Pool Metals are 100% backed by physical metal without the expense of paying high product premiums.

▪ Pool Metals can be delivered to you by simply paying the premium for the desired fabricated silver along with any applicable shipping fees, or simply sell your digital metals at no cost and receive your funds.

▪ Reports will be sent for each transaction in the storage account: deposits and withdrawals.

▪ Depository holding reports are available during working hours via [email protected].

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