Gold VS $USD

  Gold VS $USD (1)


How does the USD stack up against Gold? In short, it doesn't. 

Take a look at the graphs below and the answer is obvious. Since 1914 the value of the USD has steadily decreased and shows no signs of taking back any of that loss. With inflation at an unbelievable climb since 1943, the $USD has tanked over the last 108 years and is still going down.

Buying power of $100 USD from 1914 -2022.


Inflation cost for the things we use and need in everyday life, 1914 - 2022.

So, not only is our $USD value decreasing every year, but the cost of the things that we can't live without continues to rise year after year. So this brings the question -- where will the $USD be in 5yrs? What about 10yrs? It's hard to say exactly of course but there are hints all over if we're willing to look...and it isn't looking good.


So then where can we protect our wealth and ensure any financial stability? That's where gold comes in. Just in the last 5yrs, gold has beat the $USD hand over fist.


With percentages like these -- not only on the performance of the $USD but the unrelenting cost of living -- it's easy to see why the $USD just can't stack up against gold, at least for the foreseeable future.

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