Why Invest In Gold?

  Why Invest In Gold? (2)


Decades ago, our currency was backed by gold, meaning If I owned dollars, by default I owned gold because gold backed my dollars. So, in other words, 100% of the population owned gold in that sense. Today only about 12% own any gold. That means since 1971 when we left the gold standard 88% of Americans have stopped owning gold. 

Do you know who hasn’t stopped owning gold? Banks and governments. That’s correct. There’s only enough gold for everyone to have about 1 oz, which means it’s extremely scarce. Less than 12% of Americans own any gold at all. Which means someone owns the other 88% of a very valuable and rare asset. 


It is no secret that Gold is far more efficient than cash at storing and preserving your wealth. Unlike fiat currency, gold cannot be expanded to suit the needs of struggling central banks and due to its inherent scarcity, gold will always be supported.


 Investors have long been enamored by gold and the price of the metal has increased substantially over the past 50 years. Like most commodities supply and demand is incredibly important, but gold also retains additional value.


Need some reasons to invest in gold? Check this out…


1. Cash is losing 14% of its value annually
2. Gold is growing at 8-10% annually
3. You can borrow against it and invest in private investments
4. It is real money. Cash is currency and making it a liability
5. This is what the wealthy do!

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