Thoughts On U.S. Mints

  Thoughts On U.S. Mints (1)

Thoughts on U.S. Mints

Today we’re giving a full run down on the various, current mints of the United States. Have you ever wondered how many US Mints there are? If you’re like most, you may think we just have two. If you know a little U.S Mint history, however, you may know there have been a number of mints to open and close all over the country in the last 200+ yrs. Which means you may be shocked to learn there are actually now four U.S. Mint locations still producing today. Let’s start with the most popular and well known, the Philadelphia Mint….

The U.S. Mint Philadelphia facility is the nations first mint and has been around for 231 years. Established in 1792, it hold the richest historical significance for US numismatists and collectors alike. From their website:

“The nation’s first mint provides a wide array of coins and manufacturing services. Philadelphia produces coin and medal dies. It mints:

  • Circulating coins
  • Numismatic products including annual uncirculated coin sets
  • Commemorative coins as authorized by Congress
  • Medals

In addition, the Philadelphia Mint employs the elite team of medallic artists who are entrusted with creating designs and sculptural models for the production of all the nation’s coins and medals. “ - usmint.gov