Initial Script for Calling A Prospect

  Initial Script for Calling A Prospect (1)


(Keep It Simple)

A. INITIAL call script:

Hi *NAME*. It's *YOUR NAME* from MintBuilder. I was reaching out to you because I saw you were looking for a home-based business to help expand your income. That's awesome. My company is actually expanding into your area. I’m going to send you over a link to a short couple minute tour of my online company. Is this the best number to text you my link?

Okay, Great! What is the best time today for me to follow up with you? OK Super. I will text you over the link and follow up shortly.

(Let the online tour do the selling...DO NOT EXPLAIN THE OPPORTUNITY YOURSELF! Always let the tools do the work!)

B. How to CLOSE when you call back:

1. What did you like best about what you saw? (Do NOT talk, let them answer.)

2. What else did you like?

3. Sounds to me like you are ready to get started... (Do NOT talk, let them answer.)

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