How Do I Receive My Commission Funds?

How Do I Receive My Commission Funds?

Posted on : 21 Dec, 2022    |    Last Update - 1 year ago   

There are 3 options you have to use your funds and all of them can be accessed through your back office. First you’ll need to login to your MintBuilder account. At the landing page, you’ll select Income Platform, then click on Commission Settings. Here you will see a few drop down boxes, click on the one that is defaulted to Account Credit, and select if you would like to use your bank, account credit, or apply to your subscription. If you choose the bank option, please note that we require payment to go directly into the account so you must use your account and routing numbers. Please note that we can only transfer out funds if the whole amount is over $20USD. If under $20USD, the funds will remain in the account until they reach the $20USD threshold and then they can be paid out. Once you have input all of the information, please be sure to click the Update Commission Settings button at the bottom.

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